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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Auto air conditioning repair can be a tricky area to master. Occasionally and similarly to electrical problems, it can be difficult to find the fault and a series of checks should be carried out to diagnose the problem. Usually it is easy and quicker to take the car to an auto air conditioning repair mechanic who will make light work of it.

As air conditioning units carry refrigerant, extra care and caution is needed. Releasing any refrigerant gas into th3e atmosphere is either illegal or damaging to the environment. Depending on the problem with the air conditioner, sometimes it is easy to fix the problem on your own without the need for specialist help.

There are five main parts to an air conditioner which need to be known and identified; the compressor, refrigerant, expansion vale, the condenser and the evaporator. Sometimes a blown fuse or a snapped compressor belt is a simple enough task to fix yourself. If there is a leak in the system, a specialist mechanic can fill the system with a coloured dye to show where in the pipes the leak is originating from.

As air conditioning units are expensive pieces of kit, repairs can be equally costly, even when performing the repair yourself. Basic auto tools are needed, but occasionally some specialist tools can be required too.

The best way to keep your air-con unit from needing repair is to have it checked and serviced once a year. This will flag up any potential problems and allow preventative repairs to take place rather than fix a broken part, even it is just a switch or dry electrical joint. Learning the ins and outs of air conditioners is not needed, but being able to diagnose a potential fault could save you a fortune in air con repairs.

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