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Re-gassing Car Air Conditioners

Only a professionally qualified technician should take on this job. When the car air conditioner loses its effectiveness and stops being 'ice cold', it can be time to get an air conditioner re-gas.

Air conditioners are effectively similar to refrigerators, expect in cars the routing of pipe work is more intricate and therefore needs to have rubber joints to allow it flex with the bumps and chassis deflection. These rubber hoses can allow some of the refrigerant to escape and cause a drop in air conditioning effectiveness.

A re-gas of an air conditioner takes around one hour to perform. The technician will remove the old gas by flushing out the system and refill it with new and safer gas (than in previous years the R12 is now classed as hazardous and R134a has superseded it).

The rubber 'O' ring which connects the hard pipe to the compressor is usually in need of replacing on older cars as this can perish. This allows the gas to escape causing poor air conditioning performance. Generally air conditioning units need refilling every 2-3 years. For around the same cost as a tank of petrol its a wise investment. Air conditioning specialists can provide anti-bacterial spray, in case of any bad odours inside the car can be due to mould growing in the air-con system. This mould can be hazardous and cause health related problems such as conjunctivitis and flu-like symptoms.

There are even companies who offer mobile air con re-gassing. They will recharge you air-con unit at your home or place of work, without the need of having to book you car into a service centre for a full day. These mobile units may cost a little more, but for the convenience factor they are a great solution to poor performances from air conditioners.

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